Ukrainian International Educational and Information Center



To contribute in every possible way to the development of a free-thinking, creative, successful, self-determined, socially active and responsible personality.



– Creation of conditions for successful personal growth of all participants in the educational process in formal and informal education;

– Creation of effective training and development programs for children, youth and adults;

– Dissemination of methods of personality development.



– To improve the work of developmental recreation programs and personality development programs Magic Counselor School, Magic Teacher School, School of Trainers, School of Animators, School of a Successful Entrepreneur;

– To expand the geography of the use of programs of developmental recreation (PRV) Magic Camp (Magic Camp), Magic Travel (Magic Travels), Magic Holidays (Magic Holidays), training camps “Smart People”, coaching network “Growth Network”.


About our programs:

The MAGIC Growth personality development program is one of the center’s programs that embodies its mission and main goals. It consists of directions:

• Democratic leadership

A course of interactive seminars designed to develop the skills of a democratic leader, the ability to see the goal and the means to achieve it, unite people and work in a team.

• The world of harmony

A course of interactive training aimed at developing communication skills, open-mindedness, understanding other people and determining one’s place in society.

• The art of loving

The course of understanding love as the source and basis of a happy life, the development of practical skills for awakening and preserving love in oneself and others on the spiritual and physical levels.

• School of trainers

Training of future trainers of UMNITS. Trainings on building own training programs and their effective implementation.

• School of organizers of developmental recreation

Personal and methodical training of professional counselors, animators, organizers of extracurricular and extracurricular activities.

• School of a successful entrepreneur

Practical school of organization and management of one’s own business.

• “GROWTH Network (regional centers of social trainers of Ukraine)”

Association of trainers engaged in personal and social development. In order to strengthen and expand contacts, exchange experience and ideas, and maintain the quality of training at a high level, the following is held annually:

– Workshop of coaches in Ukraine (September) – master classes, analysis of trainings, free communication;

– forum of coaches in Ukraine (April) – Open Space for coaching problems.

• Developmental rest of UMNITS is one of the programs of the Center, which combines rest with revealing the potential and development of a person’s character, education of a multifaceted personality.

The purpose of the program is to involve participants in a continuous process of self-discovery, improvement and development.


English language camp Magic Camp


  • Changes for children (7-17 years old) – specially selected topics and tasks designed for school age. Detachments of 15 people, two attentive and experienced counselors per detachment
  • Changes for adults (from 17 to 77) – exciting communication in English in a friendly atmosphere of fun games and competitions, new friends and useful contacts
  • Changes for children and adults – the possibility of joint development of the whole family, a new perspective on children and parents in the process of creative development, team games and informal communication
  • Fun, interesting lessons in English (3 lessons every day)
  • Development of cognitive abilities through games, creative tasks, teamwork
  • Thoughtful, rich daily routine
  • Development of skills to work in a team, to feel partners, to achieve a goal
  • Development of leadership qualities and emotional intelligence
  • A unique opportunity to prepare for a trip abroad and to freely communicate with foreigners
  • Participation in the program of native speakers from Britain, the USA, Australia and other English-speaking countries
  • The level of English language proficiency does not matter – what is important is the willingness to actively communicate without fear of mistakes, with the aim of removing the language barrier.


Magic Travel English-language tours

A rich program of developing the skills to travel, learn and accept the world, communicate and express oneself creatively.

In which participants:

– immerse themselves in an exciting and competitive English-speaking environment;

– develop English communication skills and overcome the language barrier when communicating with foreigners;

– get acquainted with the language of the visited country, its culture, traditions, peculiarities and learn to perceive and respect this culture and learn lessons from history;

– improve themselves as a person;

– learn to set goals and find the means to achieve them;

– acquire the skills to navigate the area and use the map;

– develop the skills of planning one’s own budget;

– try themselves as a journalist and develop story photography skills.


UMNITS training camps


  • Changes for children (11-15 years old)
  • Changes for adults (16 – 88 years)
  • Trainings aimed at the development of personality, leadership qualities and the ability to resolve conflicts
  • Young promising coaches, professionals in their field with a special psychological education
  • An atmosphere of trust, openness, mutual support
  • Variety of training methods

***Magic Camp and Umnits camps are a safe zone of a healthy lifestyle free from smoking, alcohol and other harmful tendencies and aggressive behavior.


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We are ready to join forces with other educational, public, youth, state and private organizations and invite them to fruitful cooperation.