Club card and membership

For participants interested in our project, we are introducing a “Club Membership”.

Having paid the cost of participating in all balls at once, you receive a discount of 50% of the ticket price for each of the balls. In the event that you cannot attend a ball, your season ticket can be used by another participant by notifying us in advance or you inform us yourself about the impossibility of your participation in the next ball and we extend the validity of your season ticket for one participation. Mandatory pre-registration for each ball remains valid!

“Club subscription” is interesting for big fans of balls. You buy the right to go to all the balls for a year and, as a thank you for your loyalty, they cost you half the price! At the moment, we hold 9 balls a year for 250 hryvnias each, according to the “Club subscription” each ball will cost you 125 hryvnias, but you have to pay for everything at once, that is, 1125 hryvnias.

An additional bonus – you are insured for a year (or even more!) against price increases! And they, unfortunately, grow and grow!


You can also purchase a “Club Card”!

It’s cheaper, but less beneficial if you plan to go to all the balls.
“Club card” is a kind of membership in the club of UMNYTS ball lovers. It gives the right to a 30% discount on the payment of balls, but does not insure against price increases.

Today, at the price of 250 hryvnias, you pay 175 hryvnias per ball for the “Club card” (and if you come as a couple, you get an additional discount of 25 hryvnias!).

“Club card” costs 100 hryvnias (issued and paid once, upon joining the club).

Annual membership fee – 350 hryvnias.