School of a successful entrepreneur

Organizational competence development course – OCDC

– one of the directions or courses of the UMNITS School, also known as the “School of a successful entrepreneur/manager/leader/organizer”.


The mission is the practical dissemination of the ideas of effective democratic leadership.

The goal is to form a layer of successful, thinking, harmoniously developed and self-sufficient leaders of a democratic society.


The duration of the course depends on the success of tasks and projects, but no more than one year.

Participation is free, but will cost participants time, effort and persistence.


It is intended for active young people who are ready to overcome the difficulties of practical training and self-improvement on the way to intellectual, creative, emotional and financial independence.


To participate:
– Express your desire by filling out the questionnaire and sending it to
– Get to know the program director in person
– Take entrance tests and choose a direction
– Complete the first learning project and continue learning


Get: everything you can get – from knowledge and experience to your own business and what financial reward you want.

If you last until the end of the course, you will significantly improve your competitiveness, stress resistance, creativity, productivity, intelligence, psychology, efficiency, sociability, emotional intelligence and other useful skills and character traits.


Ask questions by phone:

050 401 79 47

093 761 71 01