History of the center

The UMNITS Training Center has been conducting training programs since 2000.

Over the years of their work, the specialists of UMNITS have conducted hundreds of social and business trainings for public organizations, youth, teachers, and local self-government bodies in various regions of Ukraine.

The main direction of the training activity of UMNITS is the activation of social activities, development of leadership potential, improvement of the level of knowledge and skills of leaders of public organizations in the field of volunteer motivation, team building, finding funding, etc.

Among the projects of UMNITS is the organization of development training camps in Crimea, the Carpathians and abroad. In 2007, UMNITS shopping center participated in the organization of an international camp in Turkey. UMNIC actively cooperates with international funds and organizations such as IREX, American Councils, People in Distress, Europe XXI Foundation, etc.

In 2006, UMNITS shopping center took the initiative of consolidating Ukrainian public organizations and coaching centers with the aim of sharing experience and improving the effectiveness of organizations.

In June-August 2006, a series of “Alpha Centaur” camps was held for trainers and heads of public organizations. The key topics of the camps were writing and managing projects, building and motivating a team of a public organization.

In September 2006, UMNITS shopping center implemented the project “Workshop of young trainers of Ukraine”, which gathered about 100 participants – trainers and leaders of public organizations – from 20 cities of Ukraine. As part of the Workshop, “Open Space”, “School of Trainers” and a series of master classes by trainers from different regions of Ukraine were held.

In April 2007, the Forum of Trainers of Ukraine was held and the network of development trainers “ROSTU Network – regional centers of social trainers of Ukraine” was established.

In September 2007, the holding of the Workshop of Development Trainers becomes traditional – every September, in Crimea. In April 2008, we also hold the traditional Forum of Trainers in Crimea.

To strengthen partnership contacts between training centers and trainers, we offer to participate in our forums and workshops, present your trainings and exchange information, as well as participate in the exchange of trainers from different cities of Ukraine.