Game rooms

What is a game rooms?

There are already so many computers in our lives that when a game is mentioned, most people think of computer games. Although we all, without exception, once played some board games. During the times of the USSR, gatherings with dominoes or backgammon in parks or courtyards of apartment buildings were common. Connoisseurs of intellectual games usually preferred chess, while lovers of gambling spent whole days playing 100 and 100 or so-and-so. In Soviet times, even decent grandmothers could be caught playing cards or lotto in the yard.

Now, only Soviet films and tables with benches near playgrounds, preserved in some old courtyards, remind us of board games in the fresh air. It seems that no one then thought to call it gaming centers, especially since there were official chess clubs and cultural centers. However, there were few popular and affordable board games for adults in the 20th century: chess, checkers, backgammon, dominoes, lotto and cards.

Nowadays, many board games are published, there are excellent Russian translations of world-famous foreign games for children and adults. A new subculture of board game lovers is developing, who usually gather in the company of interests at local anticafes. Time club is a place where everything is free except time and most anticafes have a collection of board games and offer free tea, coffee, sweets, unlimited wi-fi. Of course, there are game cafes that also offer computer games, but still, anti-cafe events always include a game library with board games. However, even fans of board games do not always immediately understand what a game library is, if they have never been to such an event.


How is the fun gameroom in the anticafe going?

We often play educational games with children or adult board games with friends, but if you are not a fan, it gradually gets boring. On the one hand, any board game is an opportunity for live communication, on the other hand, if the company of players does not change and expand, then it becomes boring. And all because the majority constantly wants new experiences — expanding the circle of acquaintances. That is why now the most popular online games on the computer, we play the same chess, drafts or lotto, but we constantly communicate with new people during the game through chat on the Internet. The variety and simplicity of virtual communication during an online game prevents boredom and even distracts from reality. The variety of computer “board” games is also impressive, although many of them are adaptations of board games, for example, from modern ones – this is the popular Carcassonne, which is also available on tablets and smartphones.

People who come to the anticafe often spend their free time playing board games, if there is no specific event (concert, training or presentation). The free play library in the anticafe is also a kind of event that is announced in advance.

  • Participation in the play center is free for everyone, you just need to pay for the time at the anticafe rates at the exit. In addition, you get unlimited wi-fi and tea, coffee, sweets.
  • The game library in the anticafe is a great opportunity to make new acquaintances among creative young people, because you can choose any company where there are free seats at the table to play.
  • You can come to the game library even if you have never played board games before (you will be taught quickly, there are “boards” with simple rules and easy but exciting game mechanics).
  • You can bring your own board games, the game library is thematic and closed to outsiders (if you agree with the Time Cafe administration to allocate a separate room).
  • Often, the game library takes place in the form of a tournament of some kind of board game, and if there are sponsors or a prize fund is reserved, the winners receive real prizes.
  • There is also a playroom for children, and if the anticafe provides the services of animators, parents will be able to play adult board games with their friends and have fun in a separate hall while the children’s playroom is running.


What kind of educational games are there – a game room for adults

In any anti-cafe, board games are available to all visitors, of course the collection of “tables” depends on a specific gaming cafe. In almost every anticafe you will find: Dixit, Activity or Elias, Carcassonne, Monopoly, Swintus or Uno and cards for the role-playing game Mafia, as well as many other board games.

Some board games have age restrictions, but they allow you to casually meet the opposite sex. Sometimes there is a night game library for adults, because the advantage of the anticafe is that visitors can gather themselves in the company and offer their own options for activities. As a result, almost every anticafe has a mafia (a company of fans of the Mafia role-playing game). “Mafia” players gather regularly in anticafes, but often play other “boards” as well, organize game libraries.

It should be noted that the board game library is addictive and after trying it once, most come again and again to the game library enthusiastically trying different board games. Even lovers of “tabletop” games, who have their own collection of games at home, often go to game libraries, because it is convenient for a large group to gather in an anticafe. In addition, the Time Club has a special atmosphere of free space for communication. And in a good anticafe, positive administrators charge visitors with fun, help them learn the rules of unfamiliar board games, conduct “mafia” games, and all this for free. The essence of anticafe is payment only for time, although sometimes a fixed fee is assigned for entry to a certain event. To get to the free board game library, keep an eye out for posters in anticafes in your city.