Payment for participation at the ball

Payment for participation in the ball must be made in advance in order to be confirmed or invited to the list and to be eligible to participate.


The cost of participation in the UMNITS Magic Ball is 250 hryvnias.


Members who come to our ball for the first time are entitled to a My First Ball gift package and an incentive discount (50% for a couple and 30% for an individual).

Claim your right! (And don’t forget that with rights come responsibilities: etiquette and rules of conduct).


How is the ball going?

In the future, each participant of the ball receives an invitation to the next one, and the sooner he confirms his participation by payment, the more he will receive a discount (40% the first week after the ball, 30% – the second, 20% – the third and 10% – the fourth).


Those who come in pairs enjoy a 20% discount.

Upon presentation of the club card – an additional 30% discount

50% discount for volunteers and members of UMNYTS

With a subscriptionfree entry