School of animators

School of animators Magic Animation

Training of animators (entertainers), game technicians and organizers of developmental recreation


Having completed the training and internship in the Magic Animation program,


  • Become the soul of the company!
  • Get to know and communicate with strangers freely!
  • Raise the mood of others!
  • “Ignite” and entertain any company!
  • Organize and hold holidays and parties!
  • Play countless casual, sports and team games!
  • Move plastically!
  • Dance and have balls!
  • Keep children busy with useful, developing games!
  • Live in the best hotels in the most beautiful resorts of Ukraine and the world!


Become an animator


The program consists of several stages:

1. Training. Practical training of animators (entertainers), game technicians and organizers of educational recreation in the direction “Soul of recreation, games and holidays”

2. Practice. Internships in hotels of Ukraine, at holidays, corporate parties, game trainings of companies and organizations, in schools and universities

3. Work. Employment in hotels of Ukraine and the world and other places where entertainers, game technicians, holiday and recreation organizers are needed.


The “Soul of rest, games and holidays” course is implemented within the framework of the UMNITS School and consists of three courses:

  • 1st course – training of entertainers (animators) – “Enjoying yourself”
  • 2nd year – training of game technicians – “Improve while playing”
  • 3rd year – training of organizers of developmental recreation – “Recreation for the future”.


By studying the 1st course (“Enjoying yourself”), you will learn:

  • who is an entertainer (animator), his ideal image
  • Psychological attitudes of an entertainer (animator)
  • duties, rights and responsibilities of the animator
  • rules of safety during the work of the entertainer
  • rules for working on stage and with a microphone
  • what is sports animation
  • children’s animation and mini club
  • evening entertainment
  • urban animation (BTL, Event, Promo)
  • how to develop creative thinking
  • communication efficiency
  • leadership skills
  • acting skills

and learn:

  • work in a team;
  • to hold entertainment and sports competitions and games, show programs, mini discos, club dances, cocktail games and much more
  • plastically move and dance
  • conduct concert programs (conference)
  • draw on the body (art makeup and body art)
  • making crafts and teaching others to do so

For those who need it, the program is in English!


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