Our whole life is a game. And this life throws us the most unexpected toys. And in order not to hit the dirt with your face, not to deviate from your path, you need to be able to handle such toys. Do you want to learn this, do you want to develop yourself and even prove yourself? Then you are on the right path!


What it is:

The project is aimed at your development with the help of games, as well as replenishing your bank of games, which will include:

  • economic
  • political
  • psychological
  • logical
  • language
  • for attentiveness
  • on the development of memory
  • motor
  • Other interesting games



Play, learn and teach you developmental games and game techniques



  • Students will be able to become the center of attention, because it will be fun with you and there will always be something to play, and not just play, but play with benefit! You will also expand your horizons, meet fascinating people and just have fun.
  • Trainers will be able to learn new games and exercises for their training.
  • Counselors will forget that there is nothing to do with children. They will be able to fill all their free time in the camp with our games.


After the end of the project, you will be able to purchase a collection of all the games we will play during the course, with a description and rules.

Our games:

  • For attentiveness and intelligence
  • Psychological games
  • New Year’s games
  • Parliamentary elections
  • Attention games and language games
  • Games for the development of imagination and associative thinking
  • Development of creative thinking
  • The price of life and values in life
  • Red and black
  • Poker and card tricks
  • Cash Flow